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 ONE LAST PUSH: Learn and Serve America Funding

                                    Take action now!  The Senate is scheduled to decide on funding for 
                                    national service and service-learning programs on Tuesday, November 11.  
                                    There is strong bipartisan interest in supporting service programs.   
                                    ** Now is the time to urge your Senator to support a modest increase in 
                                    funding for Learn and Serve America. **
                                    It is important that your Senator hear from you by Monday, November 10.  
                                    Please copy and paste the text below into a one-page letter, adding 
                                    your Senators' names and a personal message to them. Send it by fax or 
                                    email to each of your Senators today. 
                                    You can find your Senators' contact information at 
                                    We are once again at a critical turning point.  Do not hesitate to 
                                    contact me if you have questions or need more information.  I can be 
                                    reached directly at  On behalf of the National 
                                    Service-Learning Partnership's Advocacy Committee, I thank you for your continued 
                                    support and action.  
                                    Nelda Brown 
                                    Advocacy Committee Chair
                                    National Service-Learning Partnership
                                    November 6, 2003
                                    The Honorable [FirstName] [LastName]
                                    United States Senate
                                    VIA FACSIMILE/EMAIL: 
                                    Dear Senator [LastName]:
                                    Please help us save 57,000 students from losing the opportunity to 
                                    answer the national call to service, and help us to expand this opportunity 
                                    to thousands more. 
                                    I write today to ask you to support a $2 million increase in funding 
                                    for Learn and Serve America for fiscal year 2004.  The Learn and Serve 
                                    America program is administered by the Corporation for National and 
                                    Community Service (the Corporation) and is part of H.R. 2861, Appropriations 
                                    for Veterans Affairs, Housing and Urban Development, and Independent 
                                    Agencies for FY04.  
                                    The House version of the VA-HUD appropriations bill cuts funding for 
                                    Learn and Serve America by $3 million. I am pleased that the Senate has 
                                    included at least level funding of $43 million for fiscal year 2004.  
                                    But after a more than a decade of level-funding, service-learning dollars 
                                    are stretched thin and reaching far fewer young people than they 
                                    Service-learning is a cost-effective educational strategy that turns 
                                    the community into a classroom and the classroom into a gateway to 
                                    meaningful real-life experiences.  Service-learning helps schools achieve 
                                    high civic and character standards for all students and helps young people 
                                    make real world connections between their studies and solving community 
                                    problems and civic life.   
                                    Learn and Serve America is a national, competitive grant program that 
                                    currently engages more than 1.3 million young people in service-learning 
                                    activities each year, with an average of more than 60 hours of service 
                                    completed by each student. Former Senator John Glenn, chair of the 
                                    National Commission on Service-Learning, called service-learning "the 
                                    single best way to educate young people for active citizenship in a 
                                    Your support for the higher level of funding included in the Senate 
                                    version is needed now.  In addition, I urge you to support an additional 
                                    increase of $2 million.  These funds will be used to provide much-needed 
                                    research and technical assistance for Learn and Serve America students, 
                                    teachers and their community partners, including resources to prepare 
                                    practitioners to link service-learning to the teaching of American 
                                    history, civics, and civic education.
                                    During these uncertain times, we must preserve and protect democracy.  
                                    Citizen service is at the heart of American traditions and is a 
                                    worthwhile investment of your support and commitment. Increasing 
                                    appropriations for Learn and Serve America will give more young people the 
                                    knowledge, skills and opportunities they need to become engaged citizens, active 
                                    learners, and productive workers.
                                    Thank you for your consideration.

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