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Your Student Gateway to the US Government                                                        ISSN 1536-559X

Volume III, Number 1 - January 2004 InfoSource provides useful tips and info for college students and their families.  Published
periodically, InfoSource is sponsored by the US Department of Education, Office of
Federal Student Aid.

In This Issue...

 - New On - New web resources on our site
 - Featured Sites - Information from the source
 - News Briefs - Consumer Privacy
 - Term Tangle - FAFSA PIN
 - Career Spotlight - Military Officer

New On 
New sites to this month

Citizen Corps (Federal Emergency Management Agency) - Volunteer opportunities to help keep our
communities safe.

From Here to Security (Federal Citizen Information Center) - Your map to financial freedom!  A
consumer education partnership. - Your online resource for government recalls of all kinds, all in one place.

Youth Corner (US Dept of Labor) - Career planning and preparation information from the US Dept of
Labor. is always adding great sites. For more, visit

Featured Sites:  From the horse's mouth:  Official statistics and info from
the US government

Great web resources from

Official US Time:  Check your watch!

The World Factbook (CIA):  Reference material and maps for 266 countries, updated yearly.

AIRNOW (EPA):  Real-time air pollution data from EPA.

Crime Statistics (US Dept of Justice):  Comprehensive statistics about crime and crime trends.

USDA Plants Database:  One source for everything you need to know about plants.

FedStats:  One source for the full range of statistics and info produced by 70 federal agencies.

Find lots more like this at the US Gov't Stats and Info page on 

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