02/10/04 15:52:29 Governor Schwarzenegger Creates California Performance Review
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02/10/04 15:52:29 Governor Schwarzenegger Creates California Performance Review
                                    OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR
                                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
                                    Governor Schwarzenegger Creates California Performance Review
                                    As part of the continuing effort to streamline and maximize efficiency in state government, Governor Schwarzenegger today
                                    signed Executive Order # S-5-04 creating the first ever California Performance Review.  First announced by the Governor during
                                    his State of the State address, the California Performance Review will conduct a rigorous examination of California state
                                    government and formulate and recommend practical changes to increase efficiency and effectiveness across all aspects of state
                                    "We cannot afford waste and fraud in any department or agency.  This unprecedented action will mean a total review of government;
                                    its performance, its practices, and its costs.  Every governor proposes moving boxes around to reorganize government.  I don't
                                    want to move the boxes around, I want to blow them up," said Governor Schwarzenegger.
                                    The California Performance Review will provide independent input and guidance throughout the course of the review and will
                                    be conducted by 14 teams divided up by issue area, and made up of approximately 150 state government employees.  The teams
                                    will examine all aspects of state government and will conduct a focused examination of how the government operates and the
                                    systems it employs to accomplish its missions.  The teams will look broadly across government and will be divided into functional
                                    area and cross-cutting issue areas.  Based on an examination and assessment, the Performance Review will formulate and recommend
                                    practical changes that will reduce costs and increase productivity and efficiency across government.
                                    Specifically, the teams will focus on the following areas: (1) Statewide Information Technology; (2) Performance-Based Budgeting
                                    and Revenue Maximization; (3) Personnel Management; (4) Acquisition and Procurement; (5) Customer Service; (6) Health and
                                    Human Services; (7) Education, Training and Volunteerism; (8) Public Safety; (9) Infrastructure (including transportation,
                                    housing, energy and water); (10) Resources and Environmental Protection; (11) California Business Climate; (12) General Government
                                    (including agency reorganization and consolidation); (13) Intergovernmental Relations; and (14) Job Retention and Business
                                    The Department of General Services will provide the administrative support, office space and resources required for the Review.
                                     Throughout the course of the Review, members will submit recommendations for immediate initiatives and budget negotiation
                                    items.  The Performance Review will make its final recommendations to the Governor no later than June 30, 2004.
                                    The Governor encourages any person wishing to contribute to the process to log onto the website at: to apply
                                    to be a member (state employees) or submit ideas.  There is also a toll free number 877-END-WASTE (363-9278) where citizens
                                    can call to contribute there ideas.
                                    "Today's action will provide the direction, goals and tools necessary to move forward with an effective review of the state
                                    government and I look forward to the teams' recommendations to maximize efficiency and productivity in every aspect of state
                                    government," said Governor Schwarzenegger.
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