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Past Minutes

S. C. T. A. meeting March 31, 2004

Emergency meeting chapters C. S. U. Hayward and Chabot College


Chantaine Fauntleroy called meeting to order at 12:15 PM,

Co-president C. S.U. Hayward

Introductions were made

Attendance: Peggy Guernsey (sec/Treas., CC), Chantaine Fauntleroy Pres.

CSUH), Rachael Maldonado-Aziminia, (Advisor CC) Theresa Pedrosa (Pres.


Rita Kahalena (EMR), Monica Molton (CC), Fawzia Saff (CSUH), Sayed

Nyibi (CC), Joshua Hardwick (CC: PO, NRVP, O), Paris Thompson Co-Pres. CSUH), Catherine

Matemate (CSUH)

Business of the organization was proceeded with April 7th 2004, at Cal State Hayward, Day of the Teacher, 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM this event is sponsored by the Urban Teacher Academy from Cal State. Ana Maria Rodriguez is the coordinator. SCTA will support this event with attendance and volunteers. We need you to sign up for a block of time that day. You can donate as little as 1 hour or more. If you work during the lunch hour lunch will be provided. Please e-mail SCTA ASAP with your available times.



May 1, 2004, Celebrate Diversity, Teach at Cal Sate Hayward, 8:30 AM

To 4 PM this event is a co-sponsored celebration of teaching between SCTA CSU

Hayward, Chabot College, and the Urban Teacher Academy of Cal state Hayward.

The day will include workshops on classroom management, pathways to teaching/financial aid, test anxiety, strategies for student leaders among others. There will be free refreshments, materials, raffle prices and many exciting activities. We will need you to sign up for a block of time during that day. You can donate as little as 1 hour or more. You will be able to attend the workshops and activities throughout the day.

Please register yourself and alert us to your available times, workshops, registration, or areas of interest to which to work.

Representative Assembly, April 25-26, 2004 in Sacramento: elections have been held and result for Chabot College:

Voting delegate: Theresa Pedrosa

Nonvoting observers: Monica Molton and Sayed Nyibi

I am proud to announce that Monica and Sayed are both new members of the Chabot chapter.

Congratulations to the winners, enjoy the assembly, and bring us back lots of information.

Results for CSU Hayward

Voting delegate: Peggy Guernsey

One more voting delegate seat is open as well as two observers.

Please contact the chapter as soon as possible, registration deadlines


April 2nd $25 deposit must accompany registration, if you are interested in attending.

Meeting adjourned 1:29pm

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