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                                    EI Electronic Newsletter
                                    15 January 2004
                                    Global Action Week 2004, 19-25 April
                                    Preparations for Global Action Week 2004 are well underway. EI has 
                                    sent confirmations to the many teacher organisations that have registered 
                                    to take part in the World's Largest Lobby. The next step is to send us 
                                    your visual materials request form before Monday 16 February. For matters 
                                    concerning your registration, order forms and/or contacts with other 
                                    organisations taking part in Global Action Week, please contact 
                           For any other matters, please contact 
                                    - More news on the website: EI Asia-Pacific Conference on Indigenous 
                                    Peoples' Education, 4th EI International Conference on Higher 
                                    Education and Research General Report...
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                                    - EI Pan-European Structure
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                                    - Event: EI Africa Regional Conference
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                                    - EI colleague awarded UNESCO medals
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                                    - EI 4th World Congress Website
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                                    EI and WB to set up consultation mechanism
                                    On 12 Jan, EI representatives and World Bank's Senior Vice-President 
                                    and Head of the Bank's Human Development Network, Jean-Louis Sarbib, met 
                                    to set up an EI-WB working group. This is part of the consultation mechanism 
                                    agreed upon by leaders of the two organisations in a meeting earlier 
                                    on 16 Dec in Washington DC. The working group will facilitate communication 
                                    between the two organisations on education policy issues and on 
                                    education programmes funded by the Bank. Issues to be discussed in-depth are the 
                                    criteria of the EFA Fast Track Initiative (notably the fixing of 
                                    teacher salary at 3.5 times the GDP per capita), the recruitment of voluntary 
                                    teachers, the school fees and the anti-union attitude of some WB 

                                    - More news on the website: Global Unions at the World Social Forum 
                                    (, EI Round Table for members from OECD countries...
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                                    - EI reacts to shooting of Dutch school teacher
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                                    - Talks resume in Bosnia-Herzegovina
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                                    - Union solidarity saves Haitian leader's life
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                                    - Trouble in Guinea
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                                    Ethiopia Teachers' Association offices reopen
                                    EI affiliate, the Ethiopian Teachers' Association, finally gets legal recognition of its status after ten years of court proceedings.
                                    On 28 
                                    Nov, the verdict delivered by the Federal High Court overruled the legality 
                                    of the government-installed ETA. It not only recognised the legal 
                                    existence of the authentic ETA (EI affiliate), but also ruled that the latter's 
                                    assets be released, its offices be opened and it is entitled to claim 
                                    compensation for all damages caused by the lengthy litigations since April 1993. 
                                    From 21 Dec, all sealed offices were opened and all Executive Board members 
                                    have their own offices. At present, ETA is also in the process to have the 
                                    bank account released...
                                    - More news on the website: International Human Rights Day...
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                                    UNICEF's annual report of the state of the world's children highlights 
                                    the gender gap in education. The report argues that education must be 
                                    approached as a human right rather than a privilege or an expected 
                                    outcome of economic progress...
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