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Dear Joshua

America's children are suffering from unsafe schools and overcrowded classrooms. Unfortunately, with the number of students growing and states facing huge budget deficits, the problem may get worse.

The President just submitted a budget request to Congress that underfunds the No Child Left Behind Act by $9 billion and cuts other much-needed programs.

Now it's up to Congress to decide how much to spend on making our kids' schools safe, their classes small, and their teachers high-quality. Please join us in speaking out on behalf of America's kids by contacting your members of Congress to ask them to make public education a priority in the 2005 budget.

Click here to send a free email to your Congresspeople now.

Schools across the country are struggling to make ends meet due to huge state budget deficits. These schools will need every penny that was promised to them to meet the demands of the No Child Left Behind Act.

The President has also requested that Congress cut a long list of important educational programs that benefit our kids. Programs selected for elimination include Parental Information and Resource Centers, Women's Educational Equity, Smaller Learning Communities, Community Technology Centers, Even Start, Foreign Language Assistance, and Alcohol Abuse Reduction.

Act now to save these programs that help America's children!
Click here to send a free email urging Congress not to cut any educational programs.

We have to make our voices heard now, before Congress finalizes its budget for next year. The more noise we can make in Congress about this, the better off our kids will be, so please forward this message to your friends and tell them to join you in sending their emails now.

Thanks again for your help,


Eve Fox
Online Campaign Coordinator

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