Striking Southern California UFCW grocery workers
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CTA-State Council of Education voted at December and again in January to support UFCW 

SCTA Leaders,
                                    In addition to advocating on behalf of students, as future educators, 
                                    you will have to advocate on behalf of yourselves and your colleages in 
                                    education.  Currently, many districts are trying to seriously curtail 
                                    medical benefits for teachers (unsuccessfully, for the most part).  Lack 
                                    of medical care is a serious issue affecting children and adults across 
                                    the state.  In solidarity with unions that are fighting to maintain 
                                    their medical benefits, CTA is actively supporting the grocery workers 
                                    strike.  The strike is now going nationwide.  Please share this 
                                    information with your members. For more information, see the email below.
                                    Gail Watts
                                    SCTA Organizer
                                    CTA Human Rights Dept.
                                    > Dear Colleagues,
                                    > 	Striking Southern California UFCW grocery workers today have called 
                                    for a NATIONWIDE boycott of SAFEWAY stores.  The parties are scheduled 
                                    to go back to the table with a mediator on Friday.   Now in the third 
                                    month of the strike and facing the holidays, stikers stay strong and 
                                    resolved to maintain their health benefits -- the very same issue 
                                    confronting teachers and all workers.   But strikers need our support NOW.!!!  
                                    To break the union,  the grocery chains have been willing and able to 
                                    withstand losses locally because of their nationwide profits and 
                                    profit-sharing agreement.  Please DON'T SHOP AT SAFEWAY, VON'S,  RALPH's or 
                                    ALBERTSONS this holiday season, and ask your frends and family to do the 
                                    > 	Thanks, Ros Wolf
                                    > For more information on the strike and lock-out please click on
                                    > > the link below.
                                    > >
                                    > > 
                                    > > To make a donation to the Hold the Line for Health Strike Fund
                                    > > please click below.
                                    > >
                                    > >

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