03/03/04 16:41:39 Governor Schwarzenegger Proclaims March "Red Cross Month"
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03/03/04 16:41:39 Governor Schwarzenegger Proclaims March "Red Cross Month"
                                    Governor Schwarzenegger Proclaims March "Red Cross Month"
                                    EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT
                                    STATE OF CALIFORNIA
                                    P R O C L A M A T I O N
                                    by the
                                    Governor of the State of California
                                    Each year, the American people face crises that threaten lives and test endurance, 
and the American Red Cross plays
                                    a critical role in providing relief and offering hope.
                                    Founded in 1881 by the "Angel of the Battlefield," Clara Barton, the Red Cross started 
by serving people in need
                                    during wartime.  President Franklin Roosevelt declared March 
1943, "Red Cross Month" to promote the World War II
                                    "Roll Call" fundraising drive.  This 
effort generated nearly $146 million dollars for what Roosevelt called the
                                    "greatest single 
crusade of mercy in all of history."  Today, the Red Cross ranks among the world's foremost 
                                    humanitarian organizations, providing aid to victims of disease, famine, war and 
natural disasters at home and
                                    around the globe.
                                    The Red Cross also helps Californians prepare for and respond to life-threatening emergencies.  
Last year, the
                                    Red Cross provided health and safety training classes for more than 850,000 
California residents, and collected
                                    thousands of units of blood for needy recipients. In 
California alone, the Red Cross responded to almost 4,000
                                    disasters in 2003, including the 
Southern California wildfires where they were instrumental in facilitating recovery
                                    This month, we honor the thousands of Red Cross donors and volunteers in California. Their service 
                                    that the strength of our great state lies in the indomitable spirit of people who give 
generously to prevent and
                                    relieve suffering.
                                    NOW, THEREFORE, I, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, Governor of the State of California, do hereby proclaim 
March 2004, as
                                    "Red Cross Month" in California.
                                    IN WITNESS WHEREOF  I have here unto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of California 
to be affixed
                                    this the first day of March 2004.
                                    /s/ Arnold Schwarzenegger
                                    Governor of California
                                    * * *
                                    Proclamations are posted as soon as possible but may not always be available on the day they are issued.

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