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Your Student Gateway to the US Government                                       ISSN 1536-559X

Volume III, Number 3 - March 2004 InfoSource provides useful tips and info for college students and their families.
Published periodically, InfoSource is sponsored by the US Department of
Education's Federal Student Aid office.
In This Issue...

 - New On - New web resources on our site
 - Featured Sites - Tax info for students
 - News Brief - Summer Internships
 - Term Tangle - Education Tax Credits
 - Career Spotlight - Engineer

New On 
New sites to this month

New Voter's Project:  A non-partisan campaign Working to mobilize 18-24 year old
voters and get them registered to vote.

American FactFinder (US Census Bureau):  Fast access to population, housing,
economic, and geographic data based on the 2000 U.S. census. is always adding great sites. For more, visit

Featured Sites:  Questions about Taxes?
Great web resources from

It's tax season -- check out these links that can help you and your family learn about
federal tax deductions, credits, and info for students that may apply to you.

Tax Information for Students (IRS) 
A helpful collection of links to IRS info to answer your questions and enlighten you about
your federal taxes.

Scholarships and Fellowships (IRS) 
This IRS publication covers the tax rules for scholarships, fellowships, and tuition reductions
(PDF format).

Educational Expenses (IRS)
Find out whether your work-related educational expenses paid during the year are deductible.

Savings Bonds for Education (US Dept of the Treasury)
You may be able to exclude savings bond interest from your federal income tax if you
redeemed bonds to pay for higher education expenses.

Find more like this on the Taxes page of 

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