December 5, 2002
50th Anniversary of Brown Vs. Board of Education
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Student California Teachers Association

Chabot Chapter


Thursday, December 5, 2002


Children Center-3511

  1. Welcome 12:07pm
    1. Introduction Members present-Jonnie Lind, and Joshua Hardwick
    2. Approval/Modification of Agenda (Adding I(C), Lind motion to approve as amended, 2nd by Hardwick, motion carries)
    3. Approval/ Modification of Minutes (motion by Lind to approve minutes, 2nd by Hardwick, motion carries- Lind added that is likes the format of the minutes and takes the person that did it.)
  2. Public Comments (Limited to two minutes) (Chabots chapter website is up and running. Hardwick added for member to check it regularly. The address is
  3. Committees Reports
  1. Northern Regional Conference Chaired by Joshua Hardwick (Hardwick gives report and reminds members that December 11 @11:30 in the EOPS office will be a committee meeting. The meeting will also have visitors from West Valley College joining us and we might need to get a bigger room then Rachels office. One workshop presenter and one vendor have been schedule, USBourn Books and Project Pipeline. An update regarding the Committee meeting will be sent out via e-mail and posted online after the meeting.)
  2. Outreach to Teach Chaired by Vacant (Hardwick gave a brief report stating that Hayward Education Association with six schools provided: Shepherd, Tyrell, Burbank, Glassbrook, Ress, and Bolmen. Hardwick added Highland to the list because they have no playground. Lind motion to move as an action item to limited search to HUSD, 2nd by Hardwick and motion carried; Hardwick moves the question and a the vote is taken, motion carries.)
  3. Political Outreach Chaired by Tina Phillips (no report given)
  4. Community Outreach Chaired by Vacant (no report given)
  5. Fundraising Committee Chaired by Rita Marquez (no report given)
  1. Information Items
    1. Fundraisers
      1. Kiss-a-creature (Hardwick restate what Kiss-a-creature is to Lind, and e-mail is going to be sent to each administrator and faculty to see who is interested in participating. Then a table will be set up with a jar and the name of the participant, each student/staff/etc., will buy a ticket to place it into the jar of their choice. The top 3 or 4 winner will kiss a creature of the clubs choice. Lind adds that he has wild creature that he is willing to be kissed.)
      2. Carnival (A decision was made to have this in June to end the year with a bang. After further details are collect we, as a group, will do another presentation for Southern Alameda County-Head Start. Lind wishes to chair this committee.)
    2. Co-Advisor Search Update (Vanessa Cormier has signed on as an advisor-with a catch, she is the Finical Planner Advisor, Rachel Maldonado-Aziminia will have the title as Personnel Advisor, and a final advisor search is going to Susan Gill as Educational Specialist Advisor. Lind is taking on the request for Gill to be an advisor.)
    3. Next Semester Meeting Ideas (more knowledge, making banners, get into classrooms and do visitations, trying to push membership with those wanting to teach and urging all Children Center Staff to become teacher mostly for the legal benefits.)
    4. Members T-shirts (Having a T-shirt/ banner design contest with art students at either Chabot or local high schools.)
  2. Planning Items
    1. Membership Drive/Update (same as IV(C))
    2. Flee Market-December 21 (find place to store ideas prior to flee market, when a location is found and e-mail will be sent out.)
    3. Holiday Party
      1. Thursday, Dec. 19 @ 6:00 on the 2nd floor balcony of the Student Services Building (need to finalize location, will report with committee minutes after the 11th)
      2. Create flyers and invitation for guest (Theresa will create invitation and have them ready by committee meeting.)
  1. Action Items
    1. Holiday Party spending amount for food (motion by Lind to approve the max spending of $200, 2nd by Hardwick, motion carries)
    2. Holiday Party spending amount for decoration (motion by Lind to approve the max spending of $50, 2nd by Hardwick, motion carries.)
    3. Appointing Committee Chairs for:
        1. Community Outreach Hardwick appointed Lind to chair this committee
        2. Outreach to Teach Hardwick appointed Hardwick to chair this committee
  1. Story (If time)
  2. Next meeting agenda items/Open Forum (Lind wants to be on the Task Force that visited each school.)
  3. Adjournment 12:35 PM
  4. NRC Committee meeting Wednesday, December 11, 2002 @ 11:30pm - EOPS Office (100 Building).
  5. Next Meeting: Thursday, January 30, 2003 @ 12:00pm - Children Center 3511

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