November 11, 2002
50th Anniversary of Brown Vs. Board of Education
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  Student California Teachers Association

Chabot Chapter


Thursday, November 21, 2002


Children Center-3511

  1. Welcome-Called to order at 12:05pm
    1. Introduction-Present, Vicki Newman, Theresa Pedrosa, Tina Phillips, Joshua Hardwick, Rita Marquez, Thomas "Johnny" Lind, and Rachel Maldonado-Aziminia- Advisor
    2. Approval/Modification of Agenda- Motion to approve agenda as amended (adding Article III (G) Members T-shirt) by Theresa, 2nd Tina, motion carries
    3. What is SCTA/NEA-SP, one new face came to the meeting, gave a brief overview and handed Vicki a brochure to explain a little more.
  2. Public Comments- no public comments- see article IV (A)
  3. New Business Items
    1. Fundraisers- ideas include Bowl-a-thon w/CSUH (A friendly gathering between the two Hayward SCTA chapters to the game of bowling. The main focus is networking between chapter as well as fundraiser for our chapter. More information will be provided at a later date.), Kiss-a-creature (This fundraiser is a college wide event to get the professors and administers a chance to show school spirit by kissing a creature of the clubs choice. The event will have a jar for each staff/faculty/admin that is willing to participate and a few members manning the tables to collect the cost of either $.50 or $1 and then the person places a ticket into the jar of their choice), carnival (Still pending further research, but will be using SAC-Headstarts and clubs on campus as well as the community.), silent auction (no additional information provided), and flee market. Motion by Johnny to have a space at the Dec. 22 Flee Market, 2nd by Rita, motion carries.
    2. Outreach to Teach- Assigned Joshua to call CTA chapter president regarding schools in most need, after findings will create a committee to visit each school and decide upon the one with most needs. This project will include additional support from AGS, ASCC, and other clubs as seen interested.
    3. Alternate Advisor Search Motion by Tina as said by Rachel to change Alternate to "co" advisor, 2nd by Theresa, motion carries. Will begin search of co-advisor by asking Vanessa Cormier or Susan Gill if interested in the position.
    4. Spring Semester Gust Speaker- Suggestion were made by Johnny to have Bitza or other teaching programs come in and speak/transfer panel in the little theatre or lecture room; have teacher from Fremont, New Haven, Valley, Pleasenton, and Pittsburg Unified School Districts come in and speak.
    5. Holiday Party- Consensus was made that a holiday party will take place on Thursday, Dec. 19 at 6:00 on the 2nd floor balcony of the Student Services Building 2300 and invite AGS, GSA, P.I.C., and AmeriCorp members.
    6. Next Semester Meeting Ideas motion by Tina to table for next meeting
    7. Members T-shirts- motion by Johnny to table for next meeting
  4. Old Business Items
    1. Fall Leadership Reflection- Joshua gave a brief reflection about FLC, stated that he was focus to much are making sure everything ran smoothly, as an executive officers should, and could not enjoy the conference as much as a member should; Theresa added that she was planning on going but her father became ill and could not go. A motion was made by Rita and 2nd by Joshua at a previous officer meeting to pay for Theresa registration fee of $5 for the Northern Regional Conference.
    2. Northern Regional Conference- a committee was created for this to meet with Rachel on Dec. 11 at 11:30pm to talk about workshops for the Northern Regional Conference on March 8th. Johnny will create a list for theme and topics for the NRC with input from other members and will have that for Joshuas viewing prior to Dec. 11th Committee meeting.
    1. Workshop space sent to committee
    2. Opening/lunch/closing session space- sent to committee
    1. Membership Drive/Update- tabled by Tina
  5. Action Items
    1. Election
    1. Treasurer- Rita Marquez was elected
    2. ICC Rep.- Thomas "Johnny" Lind was elected
  6. Future Agenda Items/ Open Forum Newly formed Conference Committee meeting schedule for December 11, 2002 @ 11:30 in EOPS offices, Rachel Maldonado-Aziminias office. All interested to attend are welcomed. An addition monthly meeting will be arranged next semester for night students and 2nd year AmeriCorp members. All insights are pending approval by SCTA-CC.
  7. Adjournment- motion for adjournment was made by Theresa and 2nd by Rita, motion carries and meeting was adjourned at 1:01pm

Next Meeting- Thursday, December 5, 2002 @ 12:00pm -Children Center 3511

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