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Student California Teachers Association

Chabot Chapter

General Session


Thursday, February 20, 2003,12:00pm

Children Center 3511

  1. Welcome called to order at 12:07pm
  1. Introductions members present: Theresa, Rita, Lance, Christine, Joshua
  2. Approval/Modification of the Agenda moved by Theresa, 2nd by Rita, motion carries
  3. Approval/ Modification of the Minutes from 2.06.02 moved by Theresa, 2nd by Christine, motion carries
  1. Public Comments (Limited to two minutes) International womens days on March 8, on March 7 a group of women speaker around difference countries will be speaking at Chabot
  2. Reports
  1. Officers no reports, everything is on the agenda
  2. Committees no reports, everything is on the agenda
  1. Information Items
  1. Awards
  2. Welcome new advisor
  3. Resignation for SCTA-Chabot Vice President
  4. Celebrating Womens History Month
  5. Minority Leadership Development Training Rita will be going to this
  6. Alcosta Service Center Leadership Conference four people going, Joshua, Theresa, Jonnie, and Lance
  1. Planning Items
  1. Outreach to Teach
  2. Fundraiser
  3. Campus visitation
  4. Conference
  1. Action Items
  1. Delegates to SCTA lobby day 2 tabled till after March 28th
  2. Polo Shirts moved by Rita to approve buying shirts from the bookstore and have the words SCTA Chabot Chapter imprinted on the shirt somewhere, 2nd Theresa, motion carries
  3. Nomination of Secretary Rita was nominated by Theresa, 2nd by Lance, no other nomination, Joshua moved to elect by Acclamation, motion carries
  1. Math Game
  2. Next Meeting Agenda/ Open Forum Club day is now on March 11
  3. Adjournment moved by Theresa, 2nd by Christine, motion carries at 12:52pm

Next General Session Meeting: Thursday, March 6, 2003 @ 12pm in the Children Center room 3511